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fine art ceramics & sculpture
The Joy in clay
Introducing The Joy
The Joy in Bronze
24" bronze, signed by the artist

When asked by my oldest daughter to create a Madonna & Child, I knew I had to come up with
something quite different than what we’re used to seeing.

was developed after a year of philosophical meditation.
We have all come to know the Sorrowful Virgin – but did she know the pain and suffering she
would feel in the distant future? I think not.
Mary, the mother of God was a very young teenager when she was told she would be the
mother of the King of the World. How could that news possibly be sorrowful? Doesn’t a young
mother revel in the joy of her child? Isn’t that the most joyous event in the life of a woman?
That is how THE JOY came to be created. She is emotion in motion, depicted joyously, eliciting
a smile in your heart...
The shadow she casts is a cross...

Although I prefer to work from a live subject, I usually work from a series of photographs.
My goal is to capture the essence of the individual being portrayed through interviews with the
subject, when possible, friends and relatives.